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Learn the best ways to regain your self-confidence and achieve success in your everyday life and career.

I empower women like you, to create a new life path, build a business online and practice self-care. I work with you to improve your self confidence, clarity by tapping into their inner strength.


Does this sound like you?

  • You dream about completely starting over, but don’t act on it, because you’re too afraid of what would happen if you fail.
  • You wonder about other options, but don’t move forward, because you’re too scared of the financial risk.
  • You struggle with self confidence when making important business decision.
  • You are tired of feeling stressed and want to improve your work- life balance but not sure how to go about it.

Unlock your full potential with a proven system

I help women like you explore their God-given gifts to create value with confidence & chase their version of success.

I totally get where you’re at right now, because – well, surprise, I’ve been there too! Here you will:

  • Learn to create new habits that honor and respect your true self.
  • Learn to achieve every goal you set and say goodbye to your procrastinating ways.
  • Tap into your entrepreneurial spirit at will and potentially give birth to the business you have been thinking about.
  • Have the clarity and confidence to create value and your own economy.
Signature 1:1 coaching Program

12 weeks program with weekly calls, urgent calls anytime, email access where I guide you:

  • To gain Clarity and confidence where you are able find your path and work through what is holding you back
  • Through a customized proven process which support & keep you accountable for achieving your goals.
  • Over obstacles, low self confidence and insecurities in your life and business
  • Turn your vision and dreams into creating your economy
  • 10x your income consistently


90-Day Goals Plan

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Group Coaching

My 6-month group program will transform your life and business by providing you with the strategy and skills needed to gain self confidence and be clear on what you want, scale your business, and bring back your dreams to build your economy.

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Unlock your potential and reach your goals by knowing what you are really passionate about.

Meet Belinda

Belinda Asahchop is a Registered social worker for over 10 years.  She is also certified as Life and business Coach. Belinda Asahchop  has been empowering Women since 2016 to step into their power and embrace their inner strength, something she is very passionate about.

She has been on a path to rediscover herself as she  always felt something was missing and wanted to do more to impact and bring value to other women.

Being raised by a mom who was an entrepreneur who did lots of different businesses to support  her family, Belinda  learned at an early age the importance of not limiting yourself in life – supporting other women to create their success story has been born into every part of her story along the way.

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Belinda is a unique figure in our generation & good life coach. I will personally thank GOD for her as she helped me to set my goals and achieve them.
Calgary, Canada
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    Do you want to ignite your passion and attract Abundance in life?

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